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RUNNER UP - 7 Bit Casino


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Cloud Bet


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Mbit Casino


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Fortune Jack

You’ve just gotten into the bitcoin game. You started with some scraps from BTC faucets, but now you’re left with a small percentage and not a lot of room to go with it.

Ever thought of gambling it?

Bitcoin operates just like any currency, and in time, will be accepted in more places as a legitimate form of gambling. Until then, we have bitcoin casinos online that can help you turn your percentages into full bitcoins, if you have the luck to get by.

Bitcoin casinos are designed to give you the ability to spend your bits and try to make it into something more. Many casinos allow you to spend as little as 0.0001 BTC, giving you plenty of options and flexibility to get started.

You never know what you could win, and I’d wager that as long as you’re not betting the entire pot, you can have some fun and potentially increase your BTC investments for the long-haul.

Best overall – Bitstarz


Defined as one of the OGs in bitcoin casinos, Bitstarz has been around since 2014, trademarked in the wonderful country of Cyprus. It’s always seemed to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fees, transaction types, and acceptable currencies and the games that it offers stay a cut above the rest.

While there’s no bitcoin casino US users can technically use based on our laws, the registration of Bitstarz makes it open to use. If there’s one thing that two-dozen Vegas trips teach you, it’s that there’s something mesmerizing about the slots.

Bitstarz offers a wide array of high-end slots that really pull you in with that same intensity as Vegas, which include Fire Lightning, Legend of Atlantis, and Avalon: The Lost Kingdom, as some of their noteworthy ones.

Bitstarz rarey retires games, but they’re always adding new ones. If you didn’t know, online casinos and game sites in general rarely develop their own games.

Instead, third-party game providers and designers essentially license their games to places like Bitstarz, so if you swear you’ve seen some of these slots elsewhere in the past, you might be correct. It doesn’t make them any less legitimate now.

On their main page, Bitstarz lists a volley of the current winners that show their actual prizes. This is a mix of different slot and table games, and you’ll notice that you won’t only see BTC listed as a currency.

You can also hedge British pounds, which you’ll see in the win feed. Some nations have lax laws compared to the US when it comes to gambling.

If you ask me, the most fun aspect of Bitstarz is their live casino. I mean it: there’s a streamed, live casino table that has a deal in real-time dishing out the cards, which you can bet your bitcoins on. It’s basically like being there, only without the cigar smoke and inability to track how long you’ve spent at the table.

These include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dice games, and even hold’em (casino style). You could visit each game in the course of a few hours and try your luck.

Aside from their games and how fun it can be, you’re probably wondering just what the catch is. Online casinos have people spooked, and for good reasons.

It’s hard to validate something that you have no physical control over. SoftSwiss, which is a gaming software, provides 100% provably fair gaming for Bitstarz, so you don’t have to worry about whether they’re being genuine or not.

  • Age: 21
  • Registered In: Cyprus
  • Poker?: Yes
  • Slots?: Yes
  • Bookie?: No
  • Support: Live Chat, Social Media, Contact Page

Runner up – 7 Bit Casino


The second-best bitcoin gambling sites that come in just under Bitstarz include 7 Bit Casino, which is basically an online slots fiesta. You have a whopping 500 slots to choose from, and they’re adding more all the time. This doesn’t mean you’ll have a new game to play every single day, but it’s close.

Apart from running some of the most exciting slots online, you can also run on different table games. There’s European, French, and American multi-wheel, as well as pontoon, poker, and multi-hand blackjack. You’re not stuck with only using the slots.

These guys are registered in Curacao, which is where a lot of bitcoin casinos rest their business entity. They’re legitimate to play on, you know, for everyone except US users. If only there were an anonymized, decentralized global currency that you could use, you know?

When it comes time to withdraw your money, we hit a snag. 7 Bit Casino doesn’t make it hard, but the times are a bit egregious. You can use a Visa or MasterCard to withdraw money, or an online wallet like Skrill and Neteller.

You can get hit with a fine if it turns out that you’re receiving money from an online bitcoin casino if your Visa debit card is registered in the United States, since you’ll be required to report this on your taxes as income.

Each transaction can take up to three banking days to complete. I say banking days and not business days, because we all know how annoying banks can be with their federal holidays.

There’s no fee associated when you withdraw your winnings thankfully, and the minimum withdrawal amount is a mere $10 USD. For every platform we mentioned, as well as Maestro cards and a Paysafecard, you can only take out $4,000 USD every single day.

If you hit it big and max out your winnings with a $100K pot, it’s going to take quite some time to withdraw it.

That’s what they want. They want you to hold onto it for days or even weeks, so that as you’re slowly withdrawing money, you think to yourself “I bet I could win again.”

That mindset seeps into all of our heads at one point, and there’s no reason to be ashamed of it, but if you can get out with 100% of your winnings and start the slate clean again, I recommend you do that.

There are some questionable or predatory practices here, but at the end of the day, we’re paying no fees and entitled to our winnings. We just have to be smart about it.

  • Age: 21
  • Registered In: Curacao
  • Poker?: Yes
  • Slots?: Yes
  • Bookie?: No
  • Support: Contact Form

Alternative – Cloud Bet


Bitcoin betting can rack up quickly. However it converts to your local currency, it can seem like you just go through a little bit of BTC, but in actuality, you lose hundreds or even thousands.

It’s good to be transparent and affordable, which is exactly what Cloud Bet offers. With a simple 0.0001 BTC minimum bet, you’re not hedging your entire investment without a second though.

Cloud Bet made into the rank of best bitcoin casinos because they follow through with their signup bonuses, and based on what they offer, you’re going to want to listen closely. They’re matching your deposit up to 5.0 BTC. That’s five full bitcoins. You know why?

Most people aren’t going to wager about $50K USD (current equivalent at the time of writing this) in online gambling. Those that do are going to make this casino some money, so they take the bet on you.

But that simply means if you just want to go low-ball and put up a tenth of a bitcoin, they’ll match that and give it to you. That’s about the best part of this site, other than that actual betting. When you get into the logistics of their “loyalty program,” it’s a bit of a joke.

You don’t really get any offers other than cleaning out bonuses, so the loyalty program is just a fancy way of making you feel validated in your gambling endeavors. I wouldn’t get too hung-up about it.

While the feeling of Cloud Bet is a bit archaic, it’s effective and easy-to-use. They go for function over flair, which is a good thing when it comes down to it. There’s a very no-nonsense approach here, but at a glance, that can be a little uninviting.

They don’t really have much online content to talk about their rates, how to gamble with them, or anything of the sort. You basically just log in and hit the ground running. This has added to speculation that Cloud Bet isn’t legitimate on all those sites that pop up when you do a panic search on Google.

You can even bet here like a sportsbook. NFL and NBA games a big draw, sometimes offering the ability to wager around 170 BTC, which is the current equivalent of $170,000 USD. We’re talking big numbers on these games, here.

It’s a simple to use platform, they just don’t hold your hand through it. Experienced online betters will have a much simpler time adjusting to the platform than newcomers will.

  • Age: 21
  • Registered In: Montenegro
  • Poker?: Yes
  • Slots?: Yes
  • Bookie?: No
  • Support: Email, On-site Chat

Alternative – Mbit Casino


BTC gambling sites come a dime a dozen, and Mbit Casino has done its best to look and feel high-end, just like it performs.

Mbit is going to offer you multiple sign-on bonuses, whether it’s a zero deposit down bonus, a handful of free spins, or something seasonal that applies to search results. Either way, it can be a nice little jolt to get you going.

You have three different tiers of bonuses available to you. You get a 1 BTC bonus with a sizable deposit. On your second deposit, they’ll match you up to 2.5 BTC. On your third, they’ll match up to 1.5 BTC.

Keep in mind, the match percentages differ, so to get that 1.5 BTC on your third deposit, you actually have to deposit 25% more in order to receive it.

All together, it’s 5 BTC worth of deposit bonuses. But they want three deposits, and they get tricky with the deposit amounts, so you end up depositing over 7 BTC just to get those bonuses.

To draw a direct comparison, Cloud Bet doesn’t toy around like that. They’re very upfront with it, while Mbit does what they can to hide this information.

Mbit does offer some stellar games, though. You  get access to poker, slots, and dozens of various designs of each game type.

Mbit runs promotions and loyalty program rewards, which in the past have included matching up to 20% of all losses capping out at 0.1 BTC on a daily basis, or two 100% bonuses (double earnings) on some of your winnings.

Crypto deposits instantly, which is just another reason that we love it so much. You can pay in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dogecoin, tether, or ethereum, but that’s about all there is for available cryptos. Since Mbit isn’t the top dog in this space, they stick to the most-trusted cryptocurrencies out there.

In terms of support, their team is always standing by to help out if you run into any issues. You can use an on-site chat to reach them throughout most of the day, or email them. Since they operate in Curacoa, you’re likely to get a quick response or wake up to one in your inbox.

  • Age: 21
  • Registered In: Curacao
  • Poker?: Yes
  • Slots?: Yes
  • Bookie?: No
  • Support: Email, On-site Chat

Alternative – Fortune Jack


Last but not least on our crypto casino list, we have Fortune Jack, which you might have heard of already. They’ve been around for a while, but don’t get nearly as much spotlight as Bitstarz.

They’ve built up a catalog of tons of different games, from slots to table games, including Cash Tank, Monkey Pirates, and Freezing Fruits among some of their other popular choices.

Now, if you’re looking to make your bitcoin fortune online with poker, this is where Fortune Jack comes a bit shy. They have poker, but it’s in low capacity, and generally has a low engagement rating since most of their competitors have come in with other offers to sweep online poker players off their feet.

What really made Fortune Jack stand out, and earn a spot on this list for that matter, is that they went ahead with live casino gambling. That’s live roulette, blaze, and baccarat, to name a few.

This is the area of their online gambling that they’ve seen the most growth from, because it’s just like being in Vegas, or at least as close as you can get.

You can also bet on NBA and NFL games as well, if you’re looking for some more structured betting without getting too carried away. Betting here can fluctuate, but most of the time, you can bet up to 100 BTC.

Now it’s time to talk about bonuses. Any reputable online casino has them in some form or another, and with Fortune Jack, you get 25 free spins after registering with them. From there, you can earn up to 250 free spins after depositing up to 1.5 BTC.

Their long-standing offer of 250 free spins is there, but you have to wager at least 40 different times on their slots after depositing 0.05 BTC. You can spend 0.001 BTC per spin to rack up those wagers and earn your freebies if you wish.

Fortune Jack is safe, fun, and above all else, transparent about their bonuses and what you can expect to get from them. Bonuses change from time to time, so be sure to check them out at our link for their latest promos.

  • Age: 21
  • Registered In: Curacao
  • Poker?: Yes
  • Slots?: Yes
  • Bookie?: No
  • Support: Email

Your Guide to Bitcoin Casinos


Are Bitcoin Casinos Legit?

BTC gambling is as legitimate as any other online casino. There are questionable tactics, and there are some bad eggs out there, but for the most part, you will find legitimate online BTC casinos.

We’ve gone through each of these bitcoin casinos after looking at user reviews online, years in operation, and wagering some of our own BTC to test if the payouts actually happened. These five casinos are legit, but you will find some that aren’t.

If you find an online bitcoin casino that asks for critically personal information, such as your real name, your address or anything like that, it’s not recommended to sign up for it.

The entire purpose of cryptocurrency is anonymity (at least in online gambling). Your critical, personal information should be protected.

Do Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Currently, casinos located in states like Rhode Island and Colorado do not accept bitcoin as a form of payment. An online bitcoin casino is different, because they don’t have state-specific laws to adhere to.

You’ll need good old fashioned USD to gamble at most casinos. However, Vegas is a different story (isn’t it always?).

Do Vegas Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Yes, they do. Most Vegas casinos accept bitcoin, but not at the table. You can’t just input your crypto wallet, and have a payment taken out on a single game of blackjack.

Casinos accept bitcoin as a form of payment when you purchase chips, which essentially turns it into an unofficial currency that can then be redeemed for USD.

It’s basically like you’re spending your bitcoin to gamble in USD, which isn’t really a wise idea.

After all, the dollar only goes down about 2% every single year, while bitcoin can fluctuate, but more often than not goes up, and proves to be a worthwhile investment. This is specifically why online bitcoin casinos were made.

When you hop on one of the best bitcoin gambling sites, the only payment allowed is bitcoin, and sometimes another form of cryptocurrency. This allows for total anonymity at all times.

How to Protect Privacy When Using Those Sites?

When you sign up for a bitcoin casino, you shouldn’t be putting in any important information.

In fact, if you go to 7Bit Casino, for example, all they ask for is your email, password, and what currency you’ll be playing in. They may also ask you to accept their terms and conditions depending on the site.

I can’t stress this enough, but you should never use your main email (more explained in a moment) when you sign up for a bitcoin casino. Make a different email address, preferably through a VPN. The beauty of online casinos is the anonymity, so maintain it to the best of your ability.

Where to Find the Best Bonuses for Bitcoin Casinos?

Bonuses in bitcoin casinos are used to rope you in by offering you something better than these sites’ competitors can offer. These sites are trying to get the world of online bitcoin gambling off to a good start, so you can find some fantastic bitcoin casino bonuses.

You can do a quick search to find a bunch of bonuses in these listicle-style articles on Google, but all they’re doing is directing you to the casino website.

You can go through our links or just go straight to the website itself, because upon signup, these casinos want to put these offers out there to get you hooked.

Now, before you continue, there are some things you should know about the stipulations on these bonuses. You can find this across the board with many casinos, including most of the ones on this list.

Bonuses are only redeemed after you do X amount of free spins. These are actual free spins that can earn you BTC percentages. This is to maintain your focus on their platform before they offer you anything redeemable.

After that point, you have to make a deposit to claim the bonus. Deposit amounts vary, and bonuses vary. Because this is gambling, most bonuses offer you an “either or” kind of reward.

You could either earn between 1.0 and 1.5 BTC, which at the time of writing this article is roughly $14,500 in US dollars, or you can earn up to $200 in a cash bonus.

You won’t always get bitcoin. You have to think that to give away that much BTC, the casino has to actually purchase that much BTC. Your bonus generally reflects your deposit amount. I want you going into the bonus aspect of online bitcoin casinos with as much information as possible.

The Legality Surrounding Bitcoin Casinos

The Legality Surrounding Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are not legal to operate in the United States. There is no incorporated online bitcoin casino from the US; they’re all from out of the country. That being said, some American companies run these casinos from their operations overseas with different licensing.

Currently, bitcoin casinos are entirely illegal in the United States, which explains why Vegas deals with bitcoin bets like we talked about earlier. This is a gray area, and one that I recommend you constantly check-in on just in case the laws change.

We all know that bitcoin is becoming a dominant currency across the globe, but we also know that NA and EU legislation is very far behind technology. It could be next month, it could be the start of next decade, but laws will change.

“But CoinTippy, I live in a state that legalized online gambling. Can’t I gamble on a US-based service in my state?”

The short answer is no. Crypto gambling is a morally gray area, because while there are no laws specifically against it, there are no laws for it, either.

It’s all up in the air. In 2006, as described in this article from LegalZoom, United States banks cannot accept payments that come from online gambling institutions, which placed a big hold on online gambling.

Now we get to bitcoin: beautiful, untraceable blockchain technology that keeps you anonymized. There’s no routing numbers, no personal information, and thanks to Tor software, it’s nearly impossible to track online bitcoin casinos back to anyone playing on them.

The only real precaution you need to follow religiously when playing online bitcoin casinos is to check the address registered to the website. This can usually be found on a contact page, or at the bottom of the website home page.

If the website is based anywhere in the United States or its territories, back away and close out of the page. If the site does not operate in the United States, gamble ‘til your heart’s content.

The New Way to Gamble

The New Way To Gamble

We all love cryptocurrencies, and while bitcoin is chief among them, you can bet just about any type of crypto on these casinos. If you’re using BTC faucets to rake in some small percentages of bitcoin, you can bet them here and try to double up on your luck.

It’s anyone’s ballgame out here, but the potential runs high. You can get access to instant withdrawals with no daily limit, as well as dozens of online casino games with great payout potential.

It’s gambling at the end of the day, so take it with a grain of salt, but you’d might as well have some fun while dabbling with that BTC you earned.

Best Bitcoin Casinos - Earn With Your Bitcoins 6


Eito Khela has been investing in cryptocurrency since 2012, with a heavy emphasis on bitcoin and a few altcoins. After purchasing his first bitcoin with his wage from a cafe in NYC, he began building his portfolio, and made some intelligent investment decisions along the way. Today, he holds more than $11M in personal wealth all gained through trading cryptocurrencies, and spends his time teaching others.

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