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Best Bitcoin Faucets - Earn Free Satoshis 1

BEST OVERALL - Bitcoinker


Best Bitcoin Faucets - Earn Free Satoshis 2

RUNNER UP - SatoshiLabs


Best Bitcoin Faucets - Earn Free Satoshis 3



Best Bitcoin Faucets - Earn Free Satoshis 4

Bonus Bitcoin


Best Bitcoin Faucets - Earn Free Satoshis 5


You’ve always wanted to get into bitcoin, but whether it’s a lack of knowledge, new interest, or a deficit in the funding department, it’s just not something you saw yourself getting into anytime soon.

That’s why bitcoin faucets exist, and it’s why we’ve put together this guide on the five top bitcoin faucets that you can use. These apps and services offer a way for you to earn percentages of bitcoin,  which can turn into some profit and long-term investment growth down the line.

The best part?

Bitcoin faucets are either low or zero-risk: you perform tasks, get Satoshis (we’ll explain just what those are), and build up your portfolio.

It’s not a goldmine, but it’s a way to earn some bitcoin percentages while learning everything you can about cryptocurrency, how it works, and just how the market can turn in your favor. Ready to turn the faucet on and get some Satoshis?

Let’s show you how.

Best overall – Bitcoinker


Hands down, Bitcoinker comes in as the best bitcoin faucet. Logging into the website is extremely simple: there’s little design to it, so the fields are easy to find and fill in.

The funny thing is, since bitcoin faucets don’t generate a lot of revenue for the site owners themselves, you’re referred to other bitcoin faucets as well so that Bitcoinker can get referral fees. Why not take them up on it?

Bitconker has a lottery-style system incorporated into it, so they offer the ability to earn 100,000 every five minutes, but let’s be honest—that’s not going to happen to everybody.

The average payout can be a mere 10 Satoshis, or depending on the current volume of faucet users, it can be absolutely nothing. That’s the kicker.

If you’re a long-time user, Bitconker gives you seniority gains, which is separate from your referral fee. The longer you use it consistently, the more Satoshis you can earn in the long run.

With a 10% referral fee as well, once you sink your heels into Bitcoinker, you can bring along your crypto-loving friends and start earning just for inviting them to the platform (so long as they use it).

So what’s the real reason to join Bitconker?

While it can be dodgy and you can run into bad luck, for the most part, you’ll walk away with a fair deal of Satoshis every single day. Unlike many faucets that drag out their refresh times, you can complete all 120 claims per 24-hour period in just 10 hours.

That means you’d have to consistently sit there and tap way, but if you have the endurance, you could at least hit around 100 of those claims in the 16 hours that you’re awake.

Other faucets will offer the same number of claims, but make the timer a lot longer so you don’t feasibly hit all of those before the day is up. When you’re done, you can earn up to a max of 100,000 Satoshis per day on Bitcoinker if you’re lucky.

At 20,000 Satoshis, your balance is automatically transmitted to a crypto wallet of your choosing, on the first of every month. If you have 19,999 on the 1st of the month, you’ll have to wait until the 1st of next month after earning more Satoshis for it to be withdrawn.

There are no micro wallets here, so 20,000 Satoshis (which ends up being 0.0002 BTC) will get hit with a fair amount of fees, depending on what wallet you’re transferring to. It’s recommended to build up around 50,000 Satoshis before the 1st to take out as much of your winnings as possible.

For this faucet, you’ll be solving captchas to earn your bitcoin. Sounds “fun” doesn’t it? These can sometimes get a bit complicated, but shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to perform.

  • Claim Amount: 0-20,000
  • Timer: 5 Minutes
  • Minimum Withdraw: 20,000
  • Withdrawal Method: Crypto Wallet
  • Referral Fee: 10%

Runner up – Satoshilabs


Instead of solving captchas, you’ll use this bitcoin faucet as an online game. It’s called Satoshilabs because it’s a lab-based game, but you don’t have to actually know anything about chemistry to get started with it.

It’s more like a simulator. You’ll be able to upgrade your labs, produce passive income that you earn while you’re not actively playing the game, and that can add up over time.

Another thing that can add up is your referral bonuses. You can earn up to 20% for every referral, and based on their power, you can gain additional power from the “main pool” of Satoshis that are distributed to everyone with passive powers.

You have to play it to fully grasp it, but it works out well the longer you play.

There’s a simple task-based orientation. Surveys, short links, and eventually web mining (expected to arrive in late 2020), all of which earn you Satoshis, are refreshed constantly, giving you more time to earn.

When you’ve finally had your fill, your Satoshis can be transferred from your Satoshilabs account to a FaucetHub wallet, or to your crypto wallet if you have enough funds.

You can never escape fees, though. While these are usually incurred by your wallet provider, you could stash your Satoshis in a FaucetHub microwallet for free until it builds up enough that it’s worth transferring to an app like Edge or Cash App. We want to avoid as many fees as possible.

Here’s the catch: when you’re in that lab-based game, you can upgrade your lab by paying in Satoshis. That eats up your profits in the short-term for more in the long-run.

Their rates change all the time, so do some quick math and determine if it’s worth spending your Satoshis on. If you want to spend the time to do that, you can fund it from other faucets in a micro wallet.

  • Claim Amount: 5-15
  • Timer: 5 Minutes
  • Minimum Withdraw: 5,000
  • Withdrawal Method: Crypto Wallet, FaucetHub
  • Referral Fee: 10-15%

Alternative – Free

Free Bitcoin.Io

Okay, so the name of this faucet alone gets to the point, but sounds a bit fishy. When began in 2016, there were plenty of snags while it built up its reputation. It became one of the biggest bitcoin faucet sites out there, with a commission of up to 50% for referred users.

That alone brought people back, and it’s been a cornerstone site since. It’s one of the few faucets from 2016 that didn’t shut down, even for a small amount of time.

That 50% referral commission I mentioned is not instant. It’s ongoing for the life of your account, so long as your referrals actually earn Satoshis on theirs.

Apart from that, your only other way to earn Satoshis is through the site itself. You can earn up to $0.03 worth of BTC in an hour, which isn’t much, or up to $300.00 worth.

That lottery-style element sometimes bites you in the butt, but when you’re only making one claim every single hour, it’s worth checking out. It’s not like you’re coming back every five minutes.

In order to make a withdrawal, you need at least $1.00 USD worth of bitcoin, but keep in mind, this will get eaten up as a fee in many crypto wallets, so you’ll want to hold onto more than this before withdrawing.

Payment times are instant. This isn’t a passive faucet, though, so you have to keep coming back to ensure you get your reward. At the end of the day, Free is a secure site that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you can keep it as a part of your main faucet lineup.

  • Claim Amount: $0.03 to $300 worth of bitcoin
  • Timer: 60 minutes
  • Minimum Withdraw: $1 worth of bitcoin (prices change)
  • Withdrawal Method: Crypto Wallet
  • Referral Fee: 50% of what referrals make (no instant fee)

Alternative – Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin

What earned Bonus Bitcoin a spot on our best crypto faucets list is its consistency. On average, you get about 24 Satoshis per claim, with a maximum of about 5,000 per claim.

You have access to a daily bonus of 5% of your earnings, which overall may offer a big boost on lucky days, or at least make that small pot seem a little bit bigger.

The main way that people make money on bonus bitcoin is through referrals.

These guys offer you a 50% referral rate, and just like some of the others on our list, it’s not a signup bonus: it’s a recurring, lifetime bonus so long as your referrals are earning Satoshis on Bonus Bitcoin. You get 50% of their earnings period.

Withdrawals start at 10,000 Satoshis, which is a pretty good threshold. If you wait until you hit 50,000, you can eliminate fees entirely and have your 0.0005 BTC transferred straight to a micro wallet or your crypto wallet.

There are a lot of conflicting reviews online about the simplicity and low fees. Everyone wants to write a horror story about bitcoin faucets in general. You know what I say?

If it pays, then it’s worth it to play. Bonus Bitcoin pays out, does it swiftly, and is very upfront about what earnings you can expect from using their faucet.

On occasion, you can cash-in on a “top offer” which usually gives you a small bonus for signing up with one of their advertisers.

If you’ve ever played mobile games that ask you to download and rank up in a video game, then you’ll be familiar with these types of ads. It can turn out pretty lucrative if you don’t mind spending the time doing it.

  • Claim Amount: 24
  • Timer: 15 minutes
  • Minimum Withdraw: 10,000 (50,000 eliminates fee)
  • Withdrawal Method: MicroPot Micro Wallet, Crypto Wallet
  • Referral Fee: 50% lifetime referral commission

Alternative – Cointiply


Last but not least, the final Satoshi faucet is Cointiply, one of the most common names in bitcoin faucets. It’s been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Cointiply comes with a few issues, such as scammy links that offer products (for signups) that don’t seem legitimate.

It’s how they make their advertising money. The platform/app itself is completely safe, it’s just a matter of where they get their advertisements from that you have to pay attention to.

Cointiply as an app is easier to use than Cointiply as a website. You can mindlessly earn Satoshis, and with minimum effort, you could near about 35,000 in a week or so.

That’s about 0.00035 BTC, so if you do it for a few months, you could actually end up with a slightly sustainable amount. This can be transferred to a crypto wallet, or a micro wallet if you want to hold onto it for a while before.

Generating Satoshis is simple. The UI is easy, and you can do this while watching television or while waiting on your lunch break.

You can earn up to 200 Satoshis in a single claim, although the claims only run once every 60 minutes. You can earn more, but it takes a little while to get in the swing of things and hit that 35K a week that I mentioned.

Referrals here can be a bit messy, but once you refer your friends, you’ll earn 25% of whatever they make for the rest of your account life. So long as your friends are using it, the Satoshis pour out of the faucet in your favor.

The thing is, not many people stick with faucets, and there’s no signup bonus, so you’re going to have to actually refer people who can earn you an income. Customer service on Cointiply is… questionable, at best.

It can take a week for customer service to get back to you, or they can come back with a friendly reply in a couple of hours. It’s anybody’s guess.

  • Claim Amount: 200
  • Timer: 60 Minutes
  • Minimum Withdraw: 35,000 (100,000 to a bitcoin wallet)
  • Withdrawal Method: Micro Wallet, Crypto Wallet
  • Referral Fee: 25% earnings for life

Satoshi Guide and Information + FAQs

Do Bitcoin Faucets Work?

Best Bitcoin Faucets: Earn Free Satoshis

You find a free bitcoin faucet that just gives you Satoshis without needing payment information, personal information, or anything from you. It sounds fishy, but yes, bitcoin faucets actually work without requiring you to pay them anything in exchange for these Satoshis.

Bitcoin faucets run off of advertisement dollars, and reward visitors with a fragment of that advertisement money in the form of Satoshis. You’ll find some sites, such as Coindesk, have actually shut off their bitcoin faucets. It’s not a very profitable form of revenue for these bitcoin investors and site owners.

These faucets work, but they’re very low-earning websites. The owner of Coindesk stated that at their peak, they earned about $2,000 per month. Not great, especially when you consider that a portion of that is being paid back in Satoshis to its visitors.

Bitcoin faucets work, but they get shut down all the time. Since many of these sites are running off of Google AdSense, this form of incentivized advertisements are actually a banned practice.

Now that bitcoin is a much more widely-accepted form of currency, you have advertisement agencies that specifically target bitcoin faucets and crypto networks for ads, which is what keeps faucets alive.

They work, they’re just not a permanent solution to earning BTC. If you want to get your head in the game, maybe gamble a bitcoin every now and then or try your luck at an online bitcoin casino with the 0.0002 BTC you earned during the week, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

How Much Can You Get From Bitcoin Faucets?


The best BTC faucet can give you about 20,000 satoshis in a single week. Bitcoinker offers the most consistency, which is why it’s reached the top of our list, though there are some other services out there that claim you can get more satoshis in a 24-hour period.

That being said, these sites also don’t mention that their weekly limit is much lower than Bitcoinker. 20,000 Satoshis is basically 0.0002 BTC, which is nothing marvelous. On average, that’s $1.80 USD worth of BTC every single week.

If you do one bitcoin faucet every single week, and cap out at that 0.0002 BTC, you can make 0.0104 BTC in a year, or $93.60 USD per year, based on the current influx of BTC prices at the time of writing this article.

Bitcoin faucet sites, like so many sites nowadays, only really make money off of advertisement revenue. The more popular a bitcoin faucet site is, the more money it can pull in.

However, advertisers only pay out so much for this ad space, because they know you (the visitor) aren’t there for anything more than the Satoshis.

Bitcoin faucets are never going to be a way to earn a massive amount of money.

Even if you found the same 20,000 Satoshi output from ten different faucets, and you spent time doing that each week, you wouldn’t make more than $1,000 bitcoin in a year (unless we see another insane price spike, then it would be more like $2,000 maybe).

What Are the Different Types of Bitcoin Faucets?

A cryptocurrency faucet has to make money. Most of these sites run through ads, but some sell information to companies and brands for research (and disclose that they do so). You can find faucets that require you to:

  • View Ads: Unless it’s from AdSense, most of these faucet types will get shut down from being demonetized. However, there are some ad agencies that specifically run bitcoin ads and allow this.
  • Play Games: Much like awards tokens, these bitcoin faucet gaming sites award you with Satoshis for playing their games. You know why? This allows two or three ad cycles to display on the header and sidebars of the site: more ad revenue.
  • Surveys: We’ve all seen sites like Inboxdollars and Swagbucks that want us to sell our information (survey answers) for pennies on the dollar. Well, I’d rather have Satoshis. These survey sites can generate Satoshis for your time and effort. After a while, though, surveys are kind of mentally draining.

What is the Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet?

At the time of writing this article, Bitconker is the highest-paying faucet, with over 20,000 Satoshis that you can earn per week. While you might be able to earn Satoshis faster on some other platforms, they cap out at a smaller weekly maximum.

Legit bitcoin faucets offer anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 Satoshis per week. When you see that you can only get about 1,000 Satoshis in a single week, you’ve found something that really isn’t worth your time.

Keeping a bitcoin faucet on is okay if you are leaving it in the background. Not focusing too much of your time on it.

Otherwise, a high-paying bitcoin faucet goes from being a way to scrape up some crypto to taking away time that you could spend on different tasks for more money (you know, to buy more bitcoin with).

Are Bitcoin Faucets a Good Way to Make BTC/Satoshis?


Are they a good way?

No, they’re not. But they are a way. If you don’t have much right now, or you have a lot of free time, you can still play the market and get about 20,000 – 250,000 Satoshis a week by going through the faucets on this list, and more.

It’s a method that brings you into the crypto space, and gets your feet wet. Through this, you maintain your interest in bitcoin, and you’ll find yourself researching and inspecting more ways to earn bitcoin in addition to faucets. There’s nothing wrong with leaving these running in the background.

Do Bitcoin Faucets Take Fees?

The faucets themselves do not incur fees. They just build up Satoshis and send them to you when you want, provided that you’re logged in. However, when Satoshis – which are fragments of BTC – are sent to you, your crypto wallet provider will incur a fee for accepting them.

These fees can either be a flat $1.50, such as what Coinbase charges you if you use their wallet, or up to 3.99% of the total amount.

If you’re just bringing in scraps of BTC on a constant basis, those fees are going to eat up your earnings.

In fact, many wallets require you to have 0.0001 BTC to even transfer it in, and at the current average market value of about $0.90 for that 0.0001 BTC, you’re literally just giving your earnings to the wallet provider.

It’s wise to build up a fair amount of BTC on these faucets before you transfer them over. If you can get at least 0.0005 BTC on one faucet, you’ll pay about 33% of that when transferring it to most wallet providers.

Because this is seen as a transfer from one service to another, it’s going to be tough as nails to avoid fees. Sometimes when you’re just depositing bitcoin that you already own, you might avoid fees.

What Happens if the Faucet I Use Shuts Down?


It’s an unfortunate reality that a lot of bitcoin miners and Satoshi earners have been faced with. Many of these services will notify you that it’s about to be shut down, and request that you pull your Satoshis out of your account and transfer it to a crypto wallet before the final day arrives.

That being said, not all of these sites do that. You can go to plenty that just have a 404 message or state “Sorry, currently down – check back later!” and similar messages.

If the site goes down, it goes down. Hopefully you get your Satoshis out of it before that happens. These sites are not obligated under law to provide you with Satoshis, because as a decentralized currency, there is no authority on them whatsoever.

That, and the miniscule amounts that you earn from faucets are negligible in the long haul.

Bitcoin Faucets Explained

Faucets aren’t going to make you a living or have you on the next Forbes headline for bitcoin trading, but it’s a risk-free way to learn about bitcoin, and actually scrape up some profits in the process. Just be sure that you’re using a microwallet to avoid fees, otherwise you’ll be doing it for nothing.

At the end of the day, your time will eventually be better spent elsewhere, but for beginners or those looking to constantly be earning in one way or another, faucets are a good start.

If you’re ambitious about investing in bitcoin, but you’re low on funds, this is a good way to get started and really hit the ground running, while learning everything that you can about bitcoin in the process.

Best Bitcoin Faucets - Earn Free Satoshis 6


Eito Khela has been investing in cryptocurrency since 2012, with a heavy emphasis on bitcoin and a few altcoins. After purchasing his first bitcoin with his wage from a cafe in NYC, he began building his portfolio, and made some intelligent investment decisions along the way. Today, he holds more than $11M in personal wealth all gained through trading cryptocurrencies, and spends his time teaching others.

Last Updated on June 24, 2020 by Eito