10 Best Bitcoin Documentaries

10 Best Bitcoin Documentaries

There’s no denying it: bitcoin is changing the world, one person at a time.

In its wake, thousands of cryptocurrencies have evolved, and these documentaries have covered a lot of the in-between evolutions of bitcoin and crypto.

If you’re looking to get into the space, whether it’s investing or just getting educated about your potential future dealing with bitcoin as a decentralized currency, these documentaries do an excellent job of explaining it all.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the bitcoin documentaries, we got you covered:

Bitcon Documentaries

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1. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin

Indisputably, the ultimate bitcoin documentary out there. Directed by Nicholas Mross, and starring Gavin Andresen and Brian Armstrong, this 2014 production takes an earlier look at bitcoin.

Throughout its short history, the global impact has gone from good to bad, to good again, all overnight. People’s opinions flip-flopped whenever you brought up blockchain in general, but now that many of us have more information, the tides have turned.

In The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, a programmer begins his journey in the bitcoin community, and the viewer watches over his shoulder as he comes more familiar with the world of bitcoin.

This documentary touches on the upcoming global impact of cryptocurrency, and many of those predictions reign true when you look at the current crypto landscape.

2. The Bitcoin Gospel

The Bitcoin Gospel

This short-run of a documentary comes from the director Hans Busstra takes a critical eye over the entirety of bitcoin, decentralized currencies as a whole, and the potential fall of the 500+-year-old banking system that the modern world has been used to since the renaissance era.

The Bitcoin Gospel takes an honest look at the potentiality for this to turn on our heads, and though it was produced in 2015, it has plenty of valid points that are still on some of our minds today.

The biggest controversy surrounding bitcoin is that it isn’t prone to inflation from one specific nation. It doesn’t depreciate over time like the United States dollar, or the British pound.

It’s only going to get more expensive, and be worth more, and it could either spell equality in financial freedom for all, or a greater wealth gap than we’re already used to in our modern world.

3. The Bitcoin Story

The Bitcoin Story

If you’re looking for a bite-sized bit of information on bitcoin, you can’t really look further than The Bitcoin Story. With a runtime of just 35 minutes, you can crank most of it out during a lunch break from work.

Directed by Bhu Srinivasan, starring Gavin Andresen, Peter Vessenes, and C. Bennett Hoffman, we take a look at the 2015 world of bitcoin as a technology, not just a currency.

There’s the obvious worldwide romance with bitcoin and its powers, but entrepreneurs, technologists, and venture capitalists all have unique views on how blockchain in general could shape the future of money.

Some are optimistic, some are scared, but one thing is for sure: they’re all seeing a shining light in bitcoin, from some angle or another, and The Bitcoin Story captures it beautifully.

4. Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

Directed by Torsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchulonis, this 2015 bitcoin documentary stars Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Roger Ver, and Jeffrey A. Tucker, who takes on the fundamental question of currency and value in an ever-expanding technological world.

Roger Ver is known for being the CEO of bitcoin.com, which is a news site dedicated to bitcoin and crypto news, and his takes contrast others as the heated discussion turns up: will cryptocurrency be the future, or will it fizzle out?

While this documentary is five years old at the time of writing this, there are plenty of valid points made. It’s interesting to see where people were five years ago in the development of blockchain technology and the ongoing use of bitcoin, and how that reflects our views now.

5. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

We see a lot of Gavin in these films. Starring some familiar faces, such as Gavin Andresen and Erik Voorhees, as well as Peter Vessenes and Fred Ehrsam, The Bitcoin Phenomenon takes a look at the 2014 world of bitcoin and blockchain.

There are more than just hopes and dreams in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: there are politics, moralities to be questioned, and economists’ takes on what this could do to the global economy.

While the prospect is inviting, bitcoin has many people worried. In this explosive but short coverage of the early world of bitcoin, you run into a host of leaders in this space with a lot to say about how the future will be shaped.

Bitcoin has become mainstream, but it’s fascinating to see where everyone thought it was going, and what it tells us about potential future predictions for the longevity of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

6. The Bitcoin Experiment

The Bitcoin Experiment

Another short-run documentary of just 39 minutes. Directed by Pal Karleson, this 2016 bitcoin documentary takes a very low-budget approach to the way that blockchain could influence all of Scandinavia.

Drone shots drag us through Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and to other destinations, showcasing the different ways that bitcoin’s influence has risen in the modern era.

Subtextually, The Bitcoin Experiment is asking the question that defies hope and excitement by pumping the brakes, and checking if this is something we are ready for, or if it will just fall from beneath our feet like a castle of sand.

There’s a key area in this film, called Boden in Norrbotten, which may be the central heart of bitcoin in Scandinavia, and it’s interesting as can be to explore.

7. Banking on Bitcoin

Banking On Bitcoin

Is bitcoin worthy of your time and hard-earned money?

Directed by Christopher Cannucciara, starring Charlie Shrem, Gavin Andresen, and Erik Voorhees, this documentary takes a good hard look at the future of a decentralized currency. A global currency.

There’s a vast technological improvement in the way currency has been generated and safeguarded over the last thirty years, and in Banking on Bitcoin, we get to take a look at just how it may spread and affect life as we know it.

Our lives are shaped by money, and in capitalist societies such as the United States, currency can actually act like a ball and chain around our legs. There are some ideological questions brought up in this documentary, discussing the morality and future of bitcoin from an objective standpoint.

8. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Produced in 2017, as one of the most recent bitcoin documentaries to date, this takes a look at the way the financial sectors of the world have taken a shine to bitcoin.

Directed by Tim Delmastro, and starring Jeff Berwick, Trace Mayer, and Tone Vays, this jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring film paints a world that doesn’t use centralized currency at all.

It talks about the different nations around the world that are most prone to adopt bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a grand scale, and the way that it could impact the world in the not-so-distant future.

Many places are preparing for a new world of money, but is it going to pan out, or is it just hyperbole that’s going to blow up in all of our faces one day soon?

9. The Blockchain and Us

The Blockchain And Us

Developed in 2017 by director Manuel Stagars, he brings along the likes of David Birch and Perianne Boring to take a look at the way cryptocurrency could change the future, or misshapen it, given the chance.

We look at the beginning of blockchain, and the way it’s influenced capitalists in the US, UK, AU, and even Switzerland.

This short documentary asks fundamental questions, and talks about the man Satoshi Nakamoto, who was the lead on bitcoin and brought this fantastic, global finance-solving technology into our world.

Overall, there’s a lot to learn from this documentary as they cover everything in bite-sized bits to fit in as much as possible.

10. Ulterior States

Ulterior States

It sounds like a Jason Bourne chapter, but it’s not. This documentary, directed by Tomer Kantor, starring Andreas Antonopoulos, Rick Falkvinge, Jessi Baker, Adam Cleary, and the ever-present Erik Voorhees ventures into the entire ecosystem of bitcoin.

By talking with leaders and programmers, visionaries and hopefuls, we get a taste of just who is hoping that bitcoin takes off and remains on top, and why. There’s a lot of interesting conversations in this film, with a view that leans towards “Right, but if it fails” to prepare people for that possibility.

There’s a lot of enthusiasm in bitcoin, which is greatly expressed in Ulterior States, and comes with a bit of a cautionary tale.

I would say that Ulterior States defines the skepticism surrounding bitcoin and crypto in a healthy and objective mindset, which doesn’t urge the viewer to look one way or the other, but simply ask themselves if this is sustainable and viable for our future.

It’s a little under an hour, and comes from the IamSatoshi studio, which produces a lot of content on bitcoin and the future of crypto.

Where Can I Watch Bitcoin Documentaries?

Primarily through services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Some documentaries are hosted on production websites and remain exclusively licensed, but for the most part, you can access them through many of the methods that you already enjoy documentaries through.

What Are Bitcoin Documentaries Trying to Teach Us?

What Are Bitcoin Documentaries Trying To Teach Us?

Bitcoin is the first actual, solid attempt at making a decentralized currency. It’s a technology unlike anything we ever even thought possible, let alone thought about doing.

When you consider the hundred-and-something marketplaces across the world with different currencies and wealth class systems, bitcoin is an upheaval of the “norm” that we’ve accepted.

That’s brilliant, and scary at the same time. Bitcoin documentaries take a long, hard look at bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general to see if we’re adopting a pyramid scheme, or if we’re actually looking at something revolutionary.

These documentaries, though most of them are three to five years old at the time of writing this, ask crucial questions about the morality and orerarching effects of bitcoin.

Documenting the Rise of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Crypto is going to reign supreme in the not-so-distant future as the first, truly decentralized currency across the entire globe.

These documentaries shed light on different stages of bitcoin’s growth, market predictions, and the technology behind bitcoin that many people still don’t know about.

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