11 Best Cryptocurrency Affiliates

11 Best Cryptocurrency Affiliates

Cryptocurrency affiliates are shaking up affiliate marketing programs.

By signing up to one of these programs, you can get paid in bitcoin (or fiat) by cryptocurrency companies and all you have to do is send them customers. Sounds easy enough, right?

What’s the best thing about cryptocurrency affiliates?

Using these programs can easily bring in a second stream of income, whether you run a blog, are a social media influencer, or have a nine-to-five day job.

But, before you just jump in and sign up to a crypto affiliate, you should know which ones are worth your time. Here’s a list of the 11 best cryptocurrency affiliates to help you get started.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the cryptocurrency affiliates, we got you covered:

Cryptocurrency Affiliates

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What You Need To Know About Crypto Affiliate Programs

Before we get started with our list of cryptocurrency affiliates, it helps to know a bit more info about how cryptocurrency affiliate programs actually work. Here’s the basic lowdown.

  • You’ll have to sign up for the crypto affiliate program of your choice. When you do, they’ll send you a unique URL referral link that leads to their website.
  • You will need to post this URL on your website, blog, social media, or wherever you want.
  • When someone clicks on the link and gets taken to the site and makes a purchase there, you’ll earn money. This is known as commission.
  • Obviously, the whole point is to ensure that as many people as possible can view and click on the link so as to increase your chances of earning money.
  • It will also help you to try to boost interest in the link, such as by using your blog and social media platforms to engage in conversation about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and what can be purchased from the URL link. By making more people interested, you’ll be able to increase how many of them actually click on that link.

Right, now that we have that out of the way, let’s jump into the best affiliate programs.



If you’ve been swimming in cryptocurrency circles, you’ve probably heard about Paxful. No?

It’s a platform where you can purchase and sell bitcoin. But, it also has an affiliate program that’s worth checking out.

Here’s why. When you sign up to the program you get 50 percent of the exchange fees when someone you’ve referred to the program buys bitcoin through Paxful. You can also choose to be paid when your affiliates sell their bitcoin.

You can go ahead and recruit affiliates to join the program and every time they buy bitcoin, you’ll earn some money. You’ll also get paid instantly whenever your referral’s trade has been completed. This is a fantastic way to earn some passive income.

To help you keep track of your affiliates, you can use the affiliate program tools provided to you, such as statistics that will show you their earnings and real-time sales.



You’ve definitely heard about Coinbase, right?

It’s one of the oldest, most renowned bitcoin exchanges. It also allows you to earn money via crypto affiliates.

With Coinbase’s affiliate program, you earn 50 percent commission for all trading fees that occur during the first 90 days that users are on the platform and there’s no maximum amount of people you can refer to the program, which makes your earnings limitless.

The 90 days mean that you can effectively earn commission for that time.

One of the things to know about the Coinbase affiliate program is that it pays out affiliates with local currency, not cryptocurrencies. However, payouts are done on a daily basis. Coinbase makes use of Impact tracking software so you can stay up to date with what your referrals are doing.



What makes Coinmama different is that you can earn commissions forever. You will earn 15 percent of commission for all your referrals’ purchases and that also interestingly includes their future purchases.

By joining this program, you also receive marketing tools and support should you have any queries or problems. Coinmama uses tracking software called cellxpert so that you can easily and smartly track all your marketing efforts, which is a nice touch.

However, be warned that all affiliates will be paid in fiat currency. In addition, you will be paid on a monthly basis.



Changelly is a relatively new player to the cryptocurrency game, but they trade in 150 cryptocurrencies and have a very interesting affiliate program in place.

When earning money, you have two options at your disposal: you can use a referral link that you place on your blog or elsewhere to attract people to click on it, or you can add a widget to your site. When a referral clicks the link and signs up for an account you will receive 50 percent of the transaction fees.

Whatever currency affiliates trade in, that is how they will receive payment from Changelly. You will also receive promotional materials, such as banners, that you can put on your website or blog to attract visitors.

Changelly will pay you the day after your referral has completed their transaction. On your dashboard, you’ll be able to view and keep track of accounts that have been created as a result of your link.



Binance raises the bar when it comes to its affiliate program. You will earn 20 percent commission when you work as an affiliate, but if you keep 500 BNB in your Binance wallet, this rate will be increased to a whopping 40 percent. It’s a great incentive to get you to keep funds in your Binance wallet.

As you know, when it comes to affiliates one of the biggest concerns you might have is that your referrals won’t be committed to the process.

You can help to change that by using Binance because it allows you to give your referrals a discount of between five and 20 percent (think of it like a kickback) that comes from your commission. This is a good way to boost their motivation

Binance pays affiliates out in cryptocurrency – whatever type of cryptocurrency they deal in is what they’ll get paid in, which is a nice touch to make the program versatile.

When you receive payment, it’s sent directly to your Binance account and this happens in real time. From your Binance account you’ll also be able to track your referrals’ performances.



If you’re looking for an alternative type of cryptocurrency affiliate program, this one by LocalBitcoins is worth checking out. Now, in case you didn’t know, LocalBitcoins works by letting its users trade with each other directly, and these transactions can take place in real life.

When you sign up to the LocalBitcoins affiliate program, you will receive 20 percent of trading fees for every single trade that your referral undertakes. There is also a daily pay-out of funds. It’s a good idea to team up with people who are regular traders!

There’s also a bonus incentive when working with LocalBitcoins: if you introduce the seller and buyer to LocalBitcoins, you’ll earn 40 percent commission for your efforts. Affiliates are paid in bitcoins and you can get real-time reports of activity.



Bitbond is basically a bitcoin lender. If you refer borrowers and lenders to the site, you will earn a commission. How much, you ask?

You can earn up to 50 percent commission and Bitbond offers users 20 percent of the original fee as commission for every borrower you refer to the network. You’ll also get an extra 30 percent commission for every lender who uses your affiliate link.

So, there are many opportunities to make money. Commissions will be received for two years, starting from the date when your referral registered.

Bonus: if it happens that your referral delays their registration, they have three months in which to register once they’ve used your link. Just like with other affiliate programs such as Binance, you will receive instant payments and payment is made to your BitBond account.



If you’re serious about affiliate programs, you’ll love the offering from XCoins. This bitcoin lender pays amounts up to 50 percent for affiliate referrals, but what’s really great about XCoins is that you can take advantage of a tiered sub-affiliate incentive program.

What this means is that you’ll receive the standard payment for any referrals, but you’ll also receive money for your referrals’ referrals! The important thing to bear in mind is that it will be in your best interest to choose referrals who are as passionate about the affiliate program as you are.

XCoins has various payment options, such as PayPal and credit cards. To help you stay in tune with what your referrals are doing, XCoins provides you a promo code that you’ll give your referrals when they sign up so that you can easily track their activity.



One of the problems you might face when signing up to an affiliate network is the lack of marketing. You want to create interest for your followers on social media, but it’s not always easy to know how to go about that. In this regard, EXMO is a game changer.

When you sign up to its affiliate program, you will receive a banner that you can place on your website.

And, if you’re spending time in the EXMO forums (which could help you to find more people to refer), you’ll be able to use your referral link in your signature so that people who interact with you will be able to use the link from there.

So, how much can you earn by being an EXMO affiliate?

You’ll receive a commission of 25 percent for every transaction made by your referrals.

EXMO offers users the chance to track their affiliate activity by giving them a referral link. This link contains the affiliate’s IDs so that it’s possible to monitor how visitors arrive to the website.

Ledger Wallet


Wallets are also getting in on the affiliate bandwagon, offering some interesting affiliate programs from which you can earn some money.

Ledger wallet is one of the best affiliate schemes because it gives its affiliates 15 percent commission on net sales and this is the highest amount of commission when compared to other hardware wallet programs. You’ll get paid in bitcoins, which go straight to your bitcoin address.

This type of affiliate program is great if you want to earn some digital currency on the side. Payments, however, are made on a monthly basis, so this is something to consider if you were hoping for instant payments to be made to your account.

That said, one of the most appealing things about Ledger Wallet is that you receive lots of promotional materials that will help you to bring more traffic to the site. These include banners and videos.

In addition, the support team is willing to give you extra materials should you feel you need them. To find out if your promotional efforts are working, you can make use of the real-time reports and get 24-hour access to your affiliate account.



If you haven’t heard about LakeBTC, you’re missing out. LakeBTC is a global bitcoin exchange that’s known as one of the major exchanges in the world.

It also offers an affiliate program that will appeal to you if you want to spread your wings and reach potential referrals who are in other places over the world.

Since LakeBTC is a global exchange, this can boost your chances of ensuring more people join it because more currencies are involved, making it much easier for you to sign people up from other regions.

When you sign up with LakeBTC, you’ll receive up to 30 percent commission on all your referrals. Your referrals have a year from the date when they register to trade or purchase something from LakeBTC’s market, but the quicker they get started the better for you!

One of the downsides of LakeBTC for some people is that you get monthly payments. However, you will get referral reports so that you can track and monitor your affiliates’ activity.

What To Look For In The Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

When choosing the best crypto affiliate program, such as those we’ve already discussed in this guide, it’s essential to look for some crucial features. Let’s outline them.

  • Good commissions. This is the most obvious thing to look out for when you’re screening potential affiliate programs. You want generous commissions and the chance to earn commissions in various ways, thus boosting your chances to earn more money.
  • Excellent tracking methods. The affiliate program needs to have good tracking systems in place so that every single action in your affiliate efforts is recorded. Scarily, there have been instances of affiliate programs not having the correct tracking methods in place and this has lost people some money. 
  • Payment times. You need to know when you’ll be paid, and this can vary from one affiliate program to the next. Some might pay you once a month while others will pay you out instantly.
  • Helpful customer support. You don’t want to feel lost at sea if something goes wrong. The best affiliate network will be there to help you in the form of excellent customer support, no matter where in the world they’re based.

Related Questions

Are crypto affiliate programs safe?

Make sure you choose a well-established affiliate program. If you’re already using a wallet or exchange for trading, then it makes sense to use their affiliate program because you’ll know how they work and what you can expect, such as in terms of how good their customer support really is.

What are some popular cryptocurrency affiliate niches?

Examples of some of the most regularly served niches include online retail stores that accept crypto cash as payments, online casinos, and cryptocurrency exchanges that trade in cryptocurrency.


Maybe you’ve used cryptocurrency exchanges and know a bit about bitcoin but you want to take things up a notch to earn more money with cryptocurrency. If that sounds like a good plan, you’ll love the idea of cryptocurrency affiliate programs

By signing up to a cryptocurrency affiliate program, you can earn more income on the side by teaming up with others who are as committed about promoting the cryptocurrency in question as you are.

Many established and excellent crypto affiliate programs will also have strategies in place to help you earn more money. So what are you waiting for?

Go on and sign up!

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