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Meet CoinTippy

CoinTippy helps you reward content on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and Twitch with cryptocurrencies.

Supported cryptocurrencies




Bitcoin Cash



Unlimited Tips

Send however many tips you want, no limits.
No minimums, no maximums.

Zero Fees

There are absolutely zero fees for using CoinTippy. 100% of the amount you tip goes to the receiver.

No Restrictions

Send tips to whomever, wherever.
We support all countries and all people.


CoinTippy is built on top of CoinMall.
Your tips are stored securely.

How does CoinTippy work?

For more in-depth usage information, head over to The SubReddit Wiki.

Step 1: Deposit

To deposit funds, send a DM to CoinTippy with the command 'deposit [currency]' where [currency] can either be BTC, LTC, DASH, ZEC or DGB. You will then receive a reply with a deposit address which is valid for 72 hours.

Step 2: Tip

Now that you've deposited funds, you're ready to tip! Mention CoinTippy in a comment/reply like so: @cointippy [amount] [currency]. CoinTippy supports items too: Cookie ($0.20), Coffee ($1.00), Beer ($2.00), Taco ($5.00), Steak ($10.00) and Cake ($25.00)

Step 3: Withdraw

Received a tip and want to withdraw or spend it? Simply visit CoinMall.com and sign in with the social account you've received the tip on. Once you've signed in, your balance will be displayed and you'll be able to withdraw or spend.

Step 4: Spend

You can instantly purchase any digital product from various vendors on CoinMall. Items include eBooks, gift cards, in-game items and the like. Alternatively, you can also withdraw your funds to an off-site wallet through the wallet page.

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